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We are a Small Group Personal Training facility based in the heart of Bramley — where strength and performance training is accessible to anyone of any ability.

Our three key principles


We want to bring simplicity and clarity to your training and goals. We will do this using three key principles that form the basis of everything we do. They are how we have helped to change people's lives — the very reason we started out.


We provide sessions that are not only designed to challenge you, but to ensure your safety too. The variety of the programme and the fun environment will have you wanting to come back again and again.


A positive mindset starts with training, and transferring that into everyday life with the confidence moving regularly brings. Our community is strong and we celebrate each others wins!


Movement, with the right mindset, will help you achieve total strength — not just physical, but mental and emotional too. Exercising helps build resilience, making you ready to handle any challenges life throws at you.

In the heart of Bramley, Surrey


Join us at our fully bespoke 1,500 square foot studio in the heart of Bramley. With on-site free parking, our facility is modern and fresh with everything you need to achieve your goals.Every session is led by one of our experienced team, who have at least ten years' coaching experience. This helps us ensure you get the maximum possible reward for your time and effort.


Our 'try us out' offer

Get started now by taking advantage of our 'Try Us Out' offer. This will give you access to six sessions for just £99 (Normally £154). Our trial is a great way to meet other members of the community, and take the first step towards your goals!

Just £99

  • 6 sessions to use within 30 days

  • Nutrition Kickstart

  • Flexible booking through our app

From the heart


See more from our ever-growing community, including feedback, progress, regular updates, achievements and more via our Instagram page.


Craig Director

With 16 years' industry experience, Craig has coached everyone from people taking their first steps into exercise, to professional athletes.Craig's adaptable style ensures anyone of any level can enjoy a session that leaves them feeling challenged.

Dan Director

Having left the Army in 2012, Dan wanted to pursue a passion, rather than a career. A love for all things sports and exercise lead him into fitness.Dan's a firm believer that everyone starts somewhere, and has himself succeeded in many events and pursuits including marathons and obstacle racing.

Nikki Operations

With a background in communication, finance, HR and events, Nikki is enjoying a new pace of life at Strengthworks, after taking some time out for extended maternity leave.Nikki oversees the running of the facility, the member experience, session coordination and the many other 'behind the scenes' tasks.

Where to find us

Unit 1 • Bramley Business Centre • Bramley GU5 0AZ
01483 898 836 • info@strengthworks.uk